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What is JT Lab?

JT Lab is a revolutionary and unique opportunity for technology companies to access an award winning Tier 1 carrier (mobile and fixed) infrastructure that provides the fastest most connected island ecosystem in the world.  In short JT Lab is offering growth companies from around the globe an opportunity to test, research, develop and launch products and services on a REAL carrier’s infrastructure, with REAL customers, in REAL time.

How can JT Lab help you?

JT Lab provides a contained, safe test environment where key learnings can be captured on a small scale prior to larger scale rollout. Real, live market tests of new services can be delivered and experienced by Jersey consumers and enterprises with the option to provide global testing utilizing our 400 + roaming agreements.

JT Lab offers the potential to build, test, and deploy services from world-class JT facilities with truly high speed international connectivity.  JT has a much leaner organizational structure than any other Tier 1 carrier making us approachable and agile, JT can make decisions in days and weeks, not quarters and years.

JT Lab’s multiple levels of highly skilled carrier expertise are made available to work with your  CTO, CIO, Innovation/Research teams, Business Executives, Scientists and Product and design teams.

JT is the only Tier 1 carrier in the world that is offing it’s networks and customer base for companies to trial their technology, products and services before launching worldwide. 

JT is the perfect launch pad into the UK and European markets.

What is 'Gigabit Jersey'?

Our Gigabit Jersey project will provide a Gigabit+ optical service to 100% of Jersey households, creating the fastest local access network anywhere in the world. This means point-to-point architecture with single fibre to every home in Jersey and will serve as a key enabler for high-speed service development.

A single, ubiquitous access network will support and deliver the fastest, most modern services and applications, including ultra-High Definition TV, high growth community-based applications and future services developed to order.



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